Saturday, January 12, 2008

Laila lays into ‘lollypop’ Lollywood

LAHORE: In a scathing attack on the Pakistani film industry, actress Laila told Daily Times on Tuesday Lollywood movies had degenerated into orgies of violence and vulgarity and her and other actresses were thus forced to expose more and more of themselves to survive in cinema.Laila said Lollywood had become like a “lollipop” for industry heavyweights, an easy earner for producers and directors who did not take their work seriously. “There are no good writers, no subject oriented films. I have seen films from the 70s that are so good,” she said.She said disturbing new trends in the business included cronyism and the glorification of gangsters. She blamed the Gujjar community, (many producers are Gujjars), saying they had spoiled the atmosphere of the industry by promoting violence and obscenity in movies.The actress admitted her dances in some movies, such as Raqasa, were “vulgar”. “Yes, my song (in Raqasa) was very vulgar,” she said, adding, however, that this was what the public and the producer demanded. “I have to earn a living. I can’t afford to sit around at home not doing any work.”She said during the filming of Raqasa there was almost a competition between herself, Resham and Meera as to who could show the most flesh, as this, they believed, was what would go down best with audiences.The actress said there was still some hope for Pakistani cinema, in the television people who are at present producing films. She believes it is only with the introduction of educated professionals that enthusiasm and passion can return to movie-making and improve its image.

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